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THAMI TECHNICIANS & PROJECTS was incorporated in 2014 after the founder member realized the gap because of the demand of installing satellite dishes from the community. He got employed by a company called Auto Electrician to go around installing satellite dishes in different areas. When this company closed down, he decided to register his own and continue rendering the services. Seeing the need, he attended different training programs with Ellies Electronics to improve his skills. The company would like to see itself installing satellite dishes in all the nine provinces of the R.S.A. starting with Gauteng and even outside the R.S.A.




Our services are mobile and available to the property industry, (including cluster, town houses etc) Housing Department, Municipalities, homes owned by individuals, schools, hospitals and anywhere people are found and living. With technology being a huge part of our lives, there is no way we can go wrong within the the industry operate within.

We have built our company from within, being innovative, proactively promoting and rewarding all deserving individuals accordingly. We act on the conviction that the men and women of Thami Technicians are our most important and trusted long-term assets. These ethics have been an integral part of the works of Thami Technicians, treating each other as family members.





Thami Technicians is passionate about seeing women and youth getting involved in the industry of electricians. This can only be achieved if they are given a fair chance through employment and skills development- meaning partnering with the training institutions and giving them the practical part of it.

Proving the point to our fellow South Africans that to alleviate poverty or embark on job creation, we need to develop our skills non-stop.